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Our group of experienced business attorneys at Adams Sandler Law Group believes small business is the backbone of our American economy. We understand what it takes to run your own business and the legal hurdles you face on a daily basis. We believe in order to provide legal services tailored to your unique goals. We must learn about your needs and work with you to develop strategies and solutions specifically for you, your family, and your business. This is true regardless of the legal work that needs to be done. As business attorneys, we know what it takes to reduce the legal burdens on your company. With 4 convenient locations in Florida to serve you, stop by one of our locations today.

Leave the legal issues to us and focus on doing what you love: making your business even more successful.

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Building Solutions

We design our solutions to fit the unique needs and business goals of our clients.

Beyond Results

Our advice will help protect your liability and financial security, so you can focus on managing and growing your business to its full potential.

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Experienced attorneys are invested in your business's success.

Practice Areas

Business Law

We offer small business solutions to assist with everything from proper business formation, and creating and reviewing business contracts, to drafting employment agreements and navigating business transactions, including buying, selling, or dissolving a business, contract negotiations, and disputes.


Tell us what kind of business you plan to start. You'll get legal advice on what type of entity is best, where you should form it, and how you should elect to be taxed. We file all the necessary paperwork for you to ensure your business is set up properly.

LLC Formation

LLCs are a great option to provide personal liability protection for your business, and they share many of the same qualities as a corporation while enjoying more flexibility. We will submit all the required filings and prepare all the necessary documents to get your business up and running.

Business Structuring

Many of our clients have multiple business endeavors. Ensuring each entity is properly structured and separated is critical in maximizing liability protection and minimizing taxes.

Asset Protection

Create a plan to protect your estate, finances, and personal and business assets from liability against lawsuits, creditors, probate, and the IRS.

Tax Prep And Planning

We will help prepare and file your personal and business taxes. As well as providing tax planning advice to minimize your future tax liability.

Estate Planning, Wills, and Trusts

We will help design an estate plan for you and your family to ensure the smooth transfer of your wealth and assets to avoid probate.

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We review, negotiate and draft legally binding agreements for clients, such as business contracts, employment, independent contractors, buy-sell agreements, leases, operating agreements, partnership agreements, and non‑compete agreements.

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Your business name and unique identifiers are what separate you from your competition. Protect against unauthorized uses of your business name, logo, or slogan.

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Credit Repair

Our experienced attorneys can assist you in resolving debt issues and help improve your credit score. We will negotiate with lenders and creditors on your behalf to get you the best possible outcome.

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