Credit Repair by Adams Sandler Law Group

We at the Adams Sandler Law Group seek to eliminate harassing collection calls, enabling our clients to focus on family and career while offering the trust and knowledge expected from an attorney. We assist with credit issues as well as any other legal issues encountered on the road to credit recovery.

Nothing Satisfies us more than Seeing Clients Fix Their Credit

Inspiration for assisting clients with credit repair came from personal experience in debt negotiation and being forced into debt with student loans and credit cards myself when struggling as a student at The University of Miami and later St. Thomas University of Law. During my time at University, I spent several years working with a law firm practicing debt negotiation as a front-line negotiator and was able to learn inside information on the workings of debt collection agencies when negotiating against them for our clients. I know their industry and every conceivable trick they use to extort money from clients with no guarantee to actually remove the debt.

When I looked for help with my own debt before finishing Law School, I found hundreds and hundreds of companies promising a quick fix to credit while being under no legal obligation to protect client information. From my experience negotiating with debt collection agencies, I immediately knew many of these companies would be selling the client information provided to third parties. Also, without an attorney on staff, their negotiating power would be minimal. In fact, the service many debt fix agencies are providing is nothing that can't be done by the individual. They were simply trying to take advantage of people that have struggled and are trying to improve their lives. The fact is, many of these "bad" debts on credit reports can be removed without being paid when utilizing an attorney with knowledge of the industry.

As soon as I became a Bar Certified Attorney, I went straight to work repairing my own credit and helping dozens of clients do the same.

Through many years of experience, I have worked diligently to streamline the process of credit repair for our clients. Often, there is very little required of our clients for our team to make huge improvements to their overall credit scores. Using our tried and tested methods, we have been able to accrue an amazing success rate for drastically improving our clients' credit standing.

No matter what debt you have on your credit report, we can and will help you. Nothing satisfies us more than seeing clients excited over being approved for their first home loan or simply smiling with peace of mind, knowing they never have to worry during a credit check. We at The Adams Sandler Law Firm are here for you when you're ready to let us take the fight to debt collectors on your behalf. It's a fight we can easily win together.

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